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Established in 2017, The BreakAway is a non-profit, residential facility in New Albany dedicated to assisting women who are recovering from addiction. Our passionate Board of Directors, staff members, and volunteers are deeply committed to the mission of The BreakAway: to empower women, to confront addiction, to celebrate recovery.


According to the NCDAS, the United States has topped over 1milllion overdose deaths since 1999.  Indiana overdose rates are 28.5% higher than the national average overdose death rate. More than 98,000 people die from overdoses each year. According to NIDA only 13% of people with drug abuse disorders receive any type of treatment.  The number of available treatment options remains inadequate. While the BreakAway works to offer women with addictions hope for recovery, there is a continually long waiting list.

The women who enter the BreakAway are required to hold a job and participate in established programs such as Recovery Dynamics, and the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The BreakAway provides an abstinence-focused, safe, positive environment that allows recovery to progress. By developing tools for abstinence, character building, and community partnerships within our six-to-nine-month residential program, our graduates are equipped to lead productive, healthy lives. Research has shown that long term recovery facilities, such as The BreakAway, support recovery and lead to positive outcomes including:

  • Higher levels of continued abstinence from substance abuse      

  • Reduced incidence of relapse

  • Lower re-arrest rates

  • Increased employment rates

  • Higher levels of reunification with children and families


Achieving an addiction-free and productive life is possible with the right support and care.


In Memory of Nicole

Nicole stole the hearts of her family and friends the moment she came into their lives. In her short 31 years, she never failed to brighten the room with the sparkle in her eye and bring joy to all she met with her infectious laugh. She is remembered for her loyal nature, and the way she would defend her loved ones no matter what came against them. Nicole’s warm hugs and bright spirit will always be missed, but she lives on in the hearts of her loved ones, through her children, and through the legacy of the BreakAway. While the demons she fought eventually took her from those she loved, Nicole’s life inspires all who are touched by those same struggles, to find strength and reach out for help.

Meet Our Founder

Inspired by her own journey to recovery, which she fought alongside her friend, Lisa Livingston founded the BreakAway in memory of Nicole. With assistance from many community hands, she developed a plan, located a suitable building, and created a program to serve women in Southern Indiana. The grand opening took place on October 30th, 2017, making the BreakAway the first recovery residence for women in Floyd County, Indiana.


Please join us in our mission: to empower women, to confront addiction, to celebrate recovery.


To learn more about the BreakAway, please click here.


To Empower Women

To Confront Addiction

To Celebrate Recovery!


The BreakAway is a non-profit, residential facility for women in recovery from addiction.


The BreakAway Community helps women to achieve an addiction-free & productive life with the right support & care.

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